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The Soloist – Drama Music

May 6th, 2009
The Soloist - Jamie Foxx, Robert Dawney Jr.

The Soloist - Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Movie: The Soloist (2009)

Studio : Working Title Films; DreamWorks Pictures

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Runtime : 117min

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The story centers around Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr.), a middle-aged writer for the Los Angeles Times, who decides to write a series of articles about a schizophrenic homeless man named Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx). Lopez first notices Ayers as he is playing the violin; he later learns Nathaniel is a Juliard-trained musician. Based on true events, the movie follows Lopez’s evolving relationship with Ayers, as it transforms from one of strictly professional endeavors to a heartwarming tale of friendship.

Present-time scenes are spliced by brief flashbacks to Ayers’ past, such as his first cello lessons and his subsequent withdrawal from Juliard. Through this method, the viewer gets a more complete perception of Ayers’ collegiate downfall as well as his mental unraveling. Scene by scene, Lopez attempts to crack the next layer of Nathaniel’s trust to not only get more information for his articles, but to learn more about Nathaniel himself.

The story itself is incredibly touching and seems almost too good to be true, the sort of perfectly-aligned elements aimed at tugging your heartstrings that could only be manufactured by Hollywood. Unfortunately, the pace of the film seems to drag throughout which takes away from the plot. These factors melded with a pedestrian execution by director Joe Wright results in a heavy-handed display that does not match the emotional evocations of Nathaniel’s story.

Robert Downey Jr. once again delivers a stellar performance, as his nonchalant attitude paves the way for a seemingly effortless execution of flawless acting. Jamie Foxx also brings his A-game, assuming a role with a much higher, and somewhat unrealistic, standard of perfection. Playing a character with a heavy onset of mental instability is by no means a simple task, and although it was fairly unconvincing, Foxx’s wholehearted effort should not be overlooked. Despite the directorial shortcomings of the movie, the superb acting and touching story are worth the price of admission alone.
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