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The Help

August 13th, 2011
The Help 


The Help

Rating: ★★★★★

Movie: The Help (2011)

Studio : Dreamworks SKG

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Runtime : 137 min

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Rating : PG-13

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On the brink of the civil rights movement in the south, a young college socialite named Skeeter (Emma Stone) asks Aibileen (Viola Davis), her friend’s African American maid, to share her life story after seeing her mistreated by the family. At first Aibileen is hesitant as the black culture frowned upon such association and speaking up at the time, but she bravely defies their advice and tells her tale. As her life unfolds before Skeeter, who transcribes it as she speaks, they become friends. And the revelations that are revealed by this woman and her outspoken friend (Octavia Spencer) ruffle the small Mississippi town’s perceptions on race and the treatment of humankind. Read more…

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