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August 16th, 2009


Rating: ★★★★½

Movie: Adam (2009)

Studio : Olympus Pictures

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 99min

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Adam is 29 years old, living in an apartment he once shared with his father, and is a relatively good-looking man. He gets blatantly affectionate looks from women, is well-dressed, and is a hard worker at his job as an engineer at a local toy firm. With his awkwardness towards the opposite sex and his tendency to ramble about his passions, you would initially think he had the makings of a 40-Year-Old Virgin, but chances are you would never imagine he had something like Asperger’s Syndrome unless he said so.

When Beth, a budding children’s author and daughter to an influential executive accountant, moves in and meets the awkward fellow by chance, she finds herself entranced by him and, like the very satellites Adam rambles on, they begin to push and pull against each other in an orbital dance with each other that leads both into a predictable trajectory and impact you expect from a romance film, but with the trappings of a convincing relationship between a woman finding her own way in her world and a man learning to understand his own.

I have to say that the acting throughout the film is really good. It seems that every character with more than one dialogue in the role has at least one moment to pull out at least one good scene in the film (Frankie Faison steals quite a few as Adam’s mentor-like friend, Harlan). While Rose Byrne does not seem to shine as well as her counterpart Hugh Dancy, she more than makes up for it in the later half.

Kudos should also go to the cinematography for the film, where you can tell care was placed in shooting the location and getting the most visually-appealing scenes and compositions you could hope for in a film of this nature.

-Donald Lee

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