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Black Dynamite

January 10th, 2010
Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite

Rating: ★★★½☆

Movie: Black Dynamite (2009)

Studio : Destination Films

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 90 min

Website : Black Dynamite

Trailer :


Blacksploitation is back, can you dig it? Michael Jai White and the entire blacksploitation genre jumps into action in this movie that parodies everything we loved and loved to hate about these cheaply made movies. The film is littered with visible defects that people have made careers picking at, from people looking at the camera, to awkward silences, misread lines, visible boom mics, and bad editing. Combine this with every cliché you associate with blacksploitation: from Black Panther movements, to martial arts bad guys, to a singing funkadelic narrator, to murdered drug-using brothers, to the white man bringing the black man down and you have everything Black Dynamite is about. It wouldn’t even be fair to say that Black Dynamite doesn’t jump the shark unless you say it does it wielding Colt 45s John Woo style to Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries as a synchronized team of great whites swim in concentric circles by a steam catapult-powered ramp. It goes above and beyond over-the-top with a vividly cheap budget and I can’t help but love the movie for it.

Although people will likely poke at the genre of the film and the inherent racism and sexism involved with it, I honestly was reminded of the days I watched Kentucky Fried Movie’s A Fist Full of Yen, where a parodied version of Bruce Lee movies and all its conventions accurately portrayed the Brucesploitation (yes, people actually use that term) back in the day. Even better, both movies not only understand their genre, but also were smart enough to never abuse this fact unless it was to throw another parody into it.

So if you have a chance, sit your butt down and remember: doughnuts don’t wear alligator shoes.

-Donald Lee-

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