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August 12th, 2009

Bruno Rating: 3.5 stars

Rating: ★★★½☆

Movie: Brüno (2009)

Studio : Everyman Pictures

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 81min

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Camper than Liberace in hot-pants, Brüno is Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest “undercover” comic creation and controversy = cash generator. The movie focuses on the crass antics of Brüno Gehard, a fictional Austrian fashionista with a penchant for both Adolf Hitler and evermore extreme forms of anal intrusion. Fired from his job as host of Funkyzeit, Brüno sets his sights on conquering the dizzy heights of American celebrity culture.

Once this obviously frivolous story has been set up and the action moves to America – via a brief trip to the Middle East to meet some alleged terrorists – the fun really begins. There are many hilarious set-piece scenes throughout Brüno, including the breathtaking cage-fight finale, but the standout scene for me has to be Brüno’s parading of his adopted African baby on some sub-Jerry Springer talk-show. As we are in on the joke, our immediate temptation is to howl with laughter as Bruno shockingly informs the predominantly African American audience that he gave the baby a “traditional African name – OJ”. In fairness to the audience though, their outrage was actually proportionate (given that they thought they were witnessing someone who genuinely treated his baby as a fashion accessory). This audience, however, were never the true intended targets of Cohen’s satire, rather, it was the celebrity adoptions of Madonna and Angelina Jolie – and the ensuing media mayhem – that he was gunning for.

That is a trend that exists through all of Cohen’s work: he delivers the maximum amount of outrage per a square satirical inch both in the foreground of the action and also in the background, where the bigger picture lurks. He gives the bigots what they want on camera (which is to re-affirm their petrified world view), and in doing so he reveals their absurd and isolated thinking. Yet lest you imagine this is a movie with a cause in mind, you better think again. Cohen does not deliver the certainties that causes require, instead choosing to walk along a cinematic tightrope of chaotic comedy on one hand and stage-managed cynicism on the other. Sometimes he does stumble and leave you yearning for the sight of Borat in his slick green Speedos. Such feelings quickly pass however, as the prospect of Brüno spreading more of his hot comedy seed across your face keeps you glued to your seat throughout.

-Paul Meade

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