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It’s Complicated

January 10th, 2010


Rating: ★★★½☆

Movie: It’s Complicated (2009)

Studio : Universal Picture

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 120 min

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The movie is fun with a laid-back plot. It has some great moments and scenes and it is very well casted.

The story is about a woman named Jane, beautifully played by Meryll Streep . She is a mother of three young kids and runs a bakery for a living. She has been divorced for a long time but still has a strong friendship with her ex husband Jake, played by Alec Baldwin who is now married to a much younger woman. When Jane and Jake get together for their son’s convocation things start to get spicy and hot between them. After the ceremony they decide to meet up for a meal and this is when things take an about turn. They both start falling for each other once again.

Later in the movie Jane starts to become attracted to an architect Adam, played by Steve Martin. The two meet when Adam is given the task to renovate Jane’s kitchen. Adam who also is recently divorced starts showing his admiration for Jane but eventually finds himself lost in an old affair between Jane and Jake. It is a funny and innocent love story where Jane reconnects with her ex-husband and secretly meets up with him behind their children’s and partner’s back.

The movie is a light romantic comedy and as it starts proceeding it gets more exciting and complicated. John Krasinki has done a marvelous job and he has outperformed everyone. The best part of the movie was the scenes between Baldwin and Martin.

Streep looks amazing and does a wonderful job in the movie playing the role of a woman above the age of 40 who gets caught in the maze of love.

Although the movie is a little slow in the beginning you become absorbed in the story. It is a highly edged romantic comedy about love, divorce and relationships. If you are eager to watch something like that then you would really enjoy the movie. The movie is all about Jane and how her previous life takes over her present life. It can be a good way to feel love in the air once again.

-Donald Lee-

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