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Salvation Boulevard

July 18th, 2011
Salvation Boulevard 


Salvation Boulevard

Rating: ★★★★☆

Movie: Salvation Boulevard (2011)

Studio : Mandalay Bay

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Runtime : 96 min

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Rating : NR

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Greg Kinnear plays Carl, a mild mannered Grateful Dead fan who never thought much of religion until he snuck into a church to use the bathroom. That is when the spirit hit him and he became a wide eyed parishioner of Dan Day (Pierce Brosnan), an evangelical preacher who is flamboyant, but a bit shady. The leader is followed by the very rabid flock of people including Carl’s wife (Jennifer Connelley), who consider the man the ultimate disciple of God. When a local atheist and professor Dr. Blaylock (Ed Harris) stands in the way of Day’s plans, the pair decide to talk things out and they invite Carl to join them. But when Blaylock turns up in a coma from a gunshot to the head, Day blames Carl for the crime. Now he is forced to defend himself against not only the authorities, but the congregation as well including his wife and friend. Only Honey Foster (Marisa Tomei), a follower of Blaylock, may know the real story, but can she convince everyone and save his hide? Read more…

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