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Observe and Report – Comedy Movie

May 10th, 2009
Observe and Report - Seth Rogen

Observe and Report - Seth Rogen

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Movie: Observe and Report (2009)

Studio : Legendary Pictures

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 86min

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Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) is the head of mall security at the Forest Ridge Mall. Equipped with a taser, mace, and a plastic badge, he patrols the mall walkways with a distinct display of pride and an explosive temperament. After months of emotional suffering, Ronnie finally has a chance to be a hero and impress the girl of his dreams, Brandi (Anna Faris), after a string of indecent exposure reports perpetrated by a trench coat-toting pervert in the mall’s parking lot. However things don’t quite unfold desirably, and Ronnie finds himself in a constant battle with Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) in the pursuit of Brandi’s attention.

The movie tries extremely hard to be funny, with forced dialogue and awkward situations, but ultimately falls quite short. Seth Rogen’s performance is yet another testament to the expiration of his brand of crude, bumbling comedy (and I use that term loosely), a style that worked a few times but has already worn-out it’s stay. Anna Faris’ portrayal of a ditzy, image-obsessed department store clerk is performed with stunning conviction, and is the perfect role for a talentless actress such as herself. Despite these major shortcomings, Ray Liotta, Patton Oswalt, and Aziz Ansari deftly deliver the only chuckle-worthy scenes during their brief appearances.

Observe and Report is an absolutely atrocious attempt at black comedy, with far too many expletives, far too much nudity, and far too little comedy. The result is an excessively disgusting movie seemingly released to target 5th graders, a demographic where hearing the F-word ten times in two minutes warrants multiple views at the theater and claims of “It was hilarious!”
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– Daniel S.

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