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The Blind Side

January 11th, 2010
The Blind Side

The Blind Side

Rating: ★★★½☆

Movie: The Blind Side(2009)

Studio : Alcon Entertainment

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 128 min

Website : The Blind Side

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The movie “The Blind Side” is based on the book released in 2006 by Michael Lewis. The book tells the story of a football player and how as a kid he is misguided in life. The movie takes the story from there and outlines how he finds his way to the right direction and eventually reaches maximum success in his life as a football player.

The plot of the story is about a poor and uneducated Micheal Oher who is hired by a football College program. There he gets full attention of the instructors who help him become an educated and successful athlete playing for the NFL. Michael is an African American young man who belongs to a broken family. Michael’s mother is completely addicted to drugs and his father is nowhere to be found. Michael is supported by the Touhys, a family who help him reach the success points in his life. There are many challenges that Michael faces in his process to become a football player. He puts a lot of effort in his studies and his games in order to become a terrific player. The Touhys family and coaches provide him great guidance throughout the process.

Ray McKinnon plays the role of Michael’s football coach, a remarkable actor who has pulled off this one very nicely. McKinnon plays a powerful role in making Michael a professional NFL Player. Initially he tries to use Michael for his own personal career advancement but then realizes that the future of the player is the main priority.

The movie is very refreshing with many humorous scenes. You might get the idea from the trailers that it’s a tragic story but the dialogues between the family members will make you laugh. The closing sequences are terrific as well which shows Michael’s ceremony pictures with the NFL.

The story and the screenplay of the movie is nothing really unique. It does not make it shine out amongst the rest of the movies made with similar plots however it is a good movie with a good message.

The movie can be watched if you are up for some light drama. There is not much football scene if you think there is. The story is more focused on Michael Oher’s family and his student life relative to football sports.

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