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The Unborn – Horror Movie

January 12th, 2009
The Unborn - Odette Yustman

The Unborn - Odette Yustman

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Movie: Unborn (2009)

Studio : Rogue Pictures

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 87min

Website :

Trailer :

This was a great movie. But I must say it was the “typical” horror movie. Teenage girl babysitting and some creepy stuff happens which then leads to other scary things, the story is explained, the ultimate ending scene, and room is made for a sequel.

One thing I did really like about this movie was the excellent environment and camera shots; they stunned me to bits! Meanwhile being frightened I can see the amazing sense of detail put into each bit of scenery. I must say great job to the scene setup crew!

The cast was great as well! We did get to see Meagan Good in another horror PG13 horror movie (Prom Night) in which she ends up dying in both movies. Coincidentally odd! Meanwhile I couldn’t get over Cam Gigandet being in this movie. Honestly in every scene I saw the man I thought to myself “Twilight! Twilight!” It’s as if the Twilight movie had used him a little too well and with his character traits even being different it just shouted out to me. Maybe I’m just ragingly addicted to the vampire fleshing movie still, who knows.

Aside from that, this movie had some odd creatures that were used to scare the audience very questionably. I found some people laughing at the old man’s rotating head as you can see in the trailer. As well as the upside-down dog’s head. I think if there was an actual reason for their heads to be upside down the director should have explained it.

But overall this movie does give you the thrills and chills every PG13 horror movie does, if it were R rated I think it couldn’t have done much else to add more graphic scenes to it. I mean how much can a ghost do to you right?… (hope i won’t be haunted for saying that)

– Trent M.

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