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Bad Teacher

June 24th, 2011
Bad Teacher 


Bad Teacher

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Movie: Bad Teacher (2011)

Studio : Columbia Pictures

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Runtime : 92 min

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Rating : R

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We’ve all had teachers that we didn’t think really cared about the students, who were just working the job to get a paycheck and get the heck out. But Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) really takes it to the extreme, just as Billy Bob Thornton did in Bad Santa. She is everything you don’t want in a teacher. She’s drunk, high, likes to swear like a sailor, and ruthless. You wonder why she became a teacher in the first place. She feels like it’s all just temporary anyway as she’s getting married to her ticket out of the humdrum life. But when he dumps her, she must look elsewhere and that is when she turns to a rich teacher (Justin Timberlake) who has eyes for her nicer colleague (Lucy Punch), while trying to fight off the advances of the gym teacher (Jason Segal) that finds her antics appealing. How far will she go to get what she wants? That is what the students and the faculty want to know. Read more…

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I love You Man – Comedy Romance Movie

April 6th, 2009

I Love you, Man - Paul Rudd, Jason Segel

I Love you, Man - Paul Rudd, Jason Segel

Rating: ★★★★½

Movie: I Love You, Man(2009)

Studio: Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures

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Runtime: 105min



Review :

John Hamburg’s directorial venture I Love You, Man brings something refreshingly beautiful to our DVD library. With taut screenplay from Larry Levin and Hamburg himself, the movie really exhilarates in patches.

The story revolves around Peter Klaven, a man who his happily wedded to real estate success and looking to get married to the girl of his dreams. Peter is dejected on coming to terms with the fact that he has nobody in his life who could be his Best Man on his wedding day.

He looks to redeem the situation by venturing into a series of man-dates. His sole objective is to find the best man for the day he has to walk down the aisle. In his pursuit, Peter comes across a man of aura, Sydney Fife. Sydney is opinionated and repels with his wisdom at times but soon Peter strikes a strong chord with him. The story further explores the various nuances of friendship and creates a situation for Peter where his friendship causes headaches for Zoey (Peter’s would-be) and Peter finds himself in the uncomfortable position of choosing between the two.

The movie effectively poses a question to each one of us. How far would we go to explore friendship and what is the cost we are ready to pay for it? Also, what is true friendship really all about and is it an elusive concept?

Distributed by DreamWorks pictures and flagged under the banner of De Line Company, the movie offers welcome respite in these times of recession. The virtual reality is beautifully crafted and brought to life by Paul Rudd’s portrayal. He has mixed separate emotions like helplessness, amusement, affection and revelation wich is accentuated with his voice modulation and facial expressions.

I love you, man is into the second week of its release and is holding its own.
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