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Marley and Me – Romance – Family – Comedy

December 31st, 2008

Marley & Me - Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston

Marley & Me - Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston

Rating: ★★★★★

Movie: Marley & Me (2008)

Studio : Fox

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 120min

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Trailer :


I’m just going to say it without holding back; this movie was great! If you like romantic comedies, life stories, and cute little puppies then you will love this movie! I was questioning this film when watching the trailer, yet I was pulled in with┬áthe humor it imposed. Though I was not aware of the heart touching story that came with the film as a whole.

From start to finish this movies ties all knots and twists all strings with a comical beginning to an emotion driven ending. At the start of the movie the film does a great job of presenting a solid and clear background story. Continuing, the movie then changes its focus by introducing its new character, Marley. With this new character, the focus of the movie shifted slightly but not as much as you’d think. They play Marley to be an important part of John Grogan’s new found life but not entirely. As you suspected from the trailer of this movie the mainstream is in actuality not Marley yet the directors use a semi-extended fast forward scene of John’s column topics to show Marley’s importance factor in John’s life.

This movie is the story of John Grogan’s life after marriage. The movie trailer seems to be misleading from the meaning to the movie. With no intimate or emotionally faulting scenes in the trailer, the movie is displayed as a fun-filled comedy. When, after viewing, the movie is a heart-touching love story.

So now you know about the film Marley and Me so if you seem interested but are a little suspicious about the trailer you now have all the facts to make an accurate decision! Go see the movie and post your comments!

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– Trent M.

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