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Hard Breakers

May 24th, 2011
Hard Breakers 


Hard Breakers

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

Movie: Hard Breakers (2011)

Studio : Oceanfront Productions

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 98 min

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Rating : R

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Lindsay (Sophia Monk) and Alexis (Cameron Richardson) are best friends, with a common problem. Both of their fathers are jerks and thus they feel that men are equally as bad. But they still need a little loving in their lives, so they decide the best way to do that is as it was in cavemen times, only in reverse. Hit them over the head and make them their own in what they refer to as a catch and release program. But things get complicated between them when Alexis falls in love with one of their targets. Lindsay, feeling abandoned, falls in with the local woman gun store owner (Tia Carrere), who teaches her how to really hunt down men. Can they resolve their friendship and their daddy issues before the end of the film? Read more…

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