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Moon – Mystery SciFi Thriller

July 24th, 2009
Moon - Sam Rockwell, kevin Spacey

Moon - Sam Rockwell

Rating: ★★★★½

Movie: Moon (2009)

Studio : Liberty Films UK

Info : Click Here 

Runtime : 97min

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It’s been a while since I thought of Gerry Anderson’s Space1999, but Moon, directed by Duncan ‘I’m-David-Bowies’-kid-Jones made me feel all nostalgic for that long-ago TV series…and a whole lot more. This is a throw-back to the science-fiction films I grew up on, heavy on character, idea and story (remember ‘story’ kids?) and less on any real effects. I had thought this kind of science fiction filmmaking was over and I was tickled to see the use of miniatures (I assume), imaginatively treated sets, clothes and neato vehicles making a comeback. Used to be I could suspend belief quite easily because effects didn’t take me out of the element of the film but because of the recent spate of ridiculous CGI it’s been a long time for me to really get into and believe a film of a fantastic nature.

 Moon had me believing I really was ‘up there’ with Rockwell and his dilemma. 
Sam Rockwell playing Sam Bell, treats us to an unnerving 97 minutes, centered round the perfect dusty tightness of cinematographer Gary Shaw’s movements and sets. As we should all come to expect from Rockwell, his performance is top rate, in what can only be described, in the strictest sense of the word, a ‘dual role’. I knew the guy could act ever since I saw him as Chuck Barris in Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind but watch the guy in this movie and you’re convinced he is one of the best of his generation.

Helped along by his GERTY robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey) a mystery is slowly revealed to explain just what and who Sam really is. And while laconic movies of this type usually implode after the secret is out, it is a testament to the power of Nathan Parker’s screenplay (Jones wrote the story but then handed screen writing over to Parker) and Rockwell’s amazing acting chops that keeps one engrossed with Moon, on the Moon, about Moon ‘til the very end.
-Ralph Greco, Jr.

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Angels & Demons – Drama Thriller

May 24th, 2009
Angels & Demons - Tom Hanks

Angels & Demons - Tom Hanks

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Movie: Angels & Demons (2009)

Studio : Imagine Entertainment; Columbia Pictures

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 138min

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The action starts in the Vatican after the sudden death of the Pope; simultaneously, the Hadron Collider in Switzerland successfully generates anti-matter. Shortly after this remarkable scientific achievement, one of the vials of antimatter is stolen by a mysterious stranger. After four Cardinals are kidnapped, a mysterious ransom video and note show up brandishing the word Illuminati, an ancient group infamous for opposing the Catholic Church in the 1600’s. Harvard symbologist professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and his team of investigators urgently seek meaning behind the Illuminati’s cryptic clues, in order to save not only the lives of the kidnapped Cardinals, but everybody in Rome as well.

Bits of history are sporadically spoon-fed to the audience about the Church/Illuminati strife, as well as each party involved; this method allows for viewers who have not read the Dan Brown novels to closely follow along. The movie is quite suspenseful, as each discovery the team makes only leads to yet another shrouded clue in the web of Illuminati references. This, however, gets a bit tiresome as it serves for the basic architecture for the entire two hours: the result being a lot of talk and sparse action.

The recurring theme acts as a metaphor for hot-button topics of today, issues that mostly boil down to religious vs. scientific beliefs. Within the movie are characters of vacillating mentalities, such as staunch Catholic priests in addition to more progressive-minded ministers. These sorts of characters essentially bridge the gap between religion and science, in an attempt to prove how each side has its utility.

Even if you do not follow the series of novels religiously (pun intended), Angels & Demons is guaranteed to deliver as thorough entertainment with remarkable suspense. It opened worldwide on May 15 with $152 million in earnings, and is now playing in theaters.

-Daniel S.

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State of Play – Drama Thriller Movie

May 11th, 2009
State of Play - Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck

State of Play - Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck

Rating: ★★★★★

Movie: State of Play (2009)

Studio : Universal Pictures

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 127min

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Trailer :


Featuring a star-studded roster of critically acclaimed actors, State of Play is the film adaptation of a British 6-part mini-series of the same name. The story follows an investigative journalist named Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) as he attempts to unearth the truth behind the mysterious death of Congressman Stephen Collins’ (Ben Affleck) mistress. Initially ruled as a suicide, Cal unexpectedly finds himself waist-deep in a quagmire of political and corporate conspiracy, a secretive web with potentially lethal repercussions for anybody that stumbles upon it. Faced with this discovery, Cal must choose between preserving his firmly-rooted friendship with Collins or risk everything to unveil one of the biggest scandals of the century.

Set in the nation’s capital, the complex yet sensible plot is particularly intriguing given that its embedded in current affairs; in this case, a lucrative military contractor is facing political opposition. However, the pace seems to drag a bit at times, as the finer details require more time to be fully ironed-out. But this isn’t an entirely bad situation, because these instances of plot development precipitate occasions of unnerving suspense.

Throughout the screening I found myself briefly wondering what sort of twist could come next, while simultaneously watching along in an unending stupor of fascination, the sort of infatuated yet vegetative mental state that only a thorough storyline could evoke.

Rarely does Hollywood produce such a tremendous work of film, where plot development, performance, and suspense are all top-notch. State of Play is more than just a political thriller, as it exposes the workings of the dying newspaper industry, their sporadic collusion with politicians, and their cooperation with law enforcement. It successfully delivers an elaborate while discernible storyline guaranteed to consume film fanatics and average movie-goers alike, thus it comes highly recommended.
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– Daniel S. Edited by: Trent M.

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Obsessed – Drama Thriller Movie

May 4th, 2009
Obsessed - Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles

Obsessed - Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles

Rating: ★★★★½

Movie: Obsessed(2009)

Studio: Screen Gems

Info: Click Here

Runtime: 108min



Review :

Obsessed was an excellent movie! As I always say, “In every movie there is a lesson to be learned.” In this particular movie the lesson was to trust your spouse. What I was most surprised about in this movie was how sync it was with its trailer. Lately a lot of movie trailers have been misleading the quality and purpose of the movie yet this movie really stayed on topic.

The movie was great with grabbing my attention by making every scene vital to the movie’s purpose. Beyonce does a great job creating the emotion in a lot of the scenes cracking tears and yelling at a high frequency. Idris (main character) is great with his confused looks and sad reactions as well as his emotional aspect. Meanwhile Ali (plays the obsessed female) dropped my jaw with her forceful actions and impressive acting.

On top of everything I was really sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. I was really impressed by the thrill this movie had in every scene. I couldn’t wait another minute to find out what was going to happen. Each stressful scene just edged me wanting to know more!

Overall I can’t really say much about this movie without spoiling a bit of it therefore I am going to stop before I ruin the movie for you potential viewers out there! See this movie!
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-Trent M.

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