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Super 8

June 10th, 2011
Super 8 


Super 8

Rating: ★★★★★

Movie: Super 8 (2011)

Studio : Paramount

Info : Click Here

Runtime : 112 min

Website :

Rating : PG-13

Trailer :


A group of kids are filming a movie back in the late 70’s when they witness a crash between a pickup truck driven by their teacher and a train, which is derailed, but what happens afterwards sends the whole town into chaos. Whatever was on that train is making folks disappear, and that invokes a military response, even though the government says that there is nothing to be concerned about. That doesn’t sit well with the local Sheriff or his son, one of the group of children that saw the horrific accident. And the kids decide to take matters into their own hands to solve the mystery. Read more…

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